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Uncomplicated and to-the-point, these handouts target specific areas of social-emotional development to help parents, caregivers, educators, and other caring adults support healthy development in young children.


Using time out effectively is one way to help children manage their own behavior.

When parents can calm down everyone benefits.

Helping children learn to stop and think is the first step to self-control.

Teach children to use words when they feel angry.

Communicate with children in ways that increase cooperation.

How to set up a calm down spot in a classroom.

How to set up a calm down spot at home

Guidelines for reducing temper tantrums.

Reproducible mini version of Calm Down steps.

Social Skills

Empathy for others helps prevent bullying.

Reduce behavior issues by teaching children words to express their feelings.

Reduce aggression and prevent bullying in young children by teaching compassion.

When children whine, respond in ways that teach them to speak pleasantly.

Children feel good and learn compassion by giving.  Ways children can contribute.

Healthy Habits

Help children listen when their body signals feeling full, tired, hot, etc.

Small changes in family eating habits can improve children’s health.

Step-by-step ways to reduce time children spend with TV and other screens.

Ten-minute lesson that expands on the concepts taught in Al’s Healthy Choices.

Time outside has many benefits for children. Easy, fun nature activities.


A tool for encouraging cooperation.

When consequences fit the misbehavior, children may stop and think before acting next time.

Sensible and effective consequences to use with young children.


Big storms can frighten children.  Help children feel safer and more prepared.


Creative play helps children learn problem-solving and creativity.  Simple play ideas.

Certain kinds of praise from adults teach children persistence and hard work.


Template used with families or classroom for thankfulness activity.


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