Healthy Al, Healthy Me – Childhood Obesity Prevention Program

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A Curriculum Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Eating in Young Children. 

This seven-lesson program, written by the developers of Al’s Pals, teaches young children about:

  • everyday foods and special treat foods
  • how active play keeps the heart healthy and builds muscles
  • limiting TV and other screen time
  • the importance of drinking water
  • paying attention to how their body feels

Brainstorming, movement, games, stories, music, and basic scientific discovery engage children in learning these important health concepts in age-appropriate and positive ways.

The interactive lessons are easy to follow and suitable for a variety of settings including school, Head Start, child care, after-school, and other community-based programs.

Follow-up activities are included. Lesson extensions, free printables, and other new online resources are added regularly to the AcornDreams Store and Resource Center to provide ongoing learning opportunities.

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The curriculum concepts align with the “5-2-1-0” recommendations of health experts to improve children’s overall health and avoid obesity – 5 fruits/vegetables, 2 hours or less of TV and other screen time, 1 hour or more of physical activity, and 0 sugary drinks per day.


The curriculum kit includes:

      • a manual of seven engaging lessons
      • an original colorful children’s book Al’s Healthy Choices, featuring the endearing puppet character Al
      • 60 “I Make Healthy Choices” stickers (each sticker 2 ½”)
      • masters for parent letters with suggestions on ways to reinforce the concepts at home.

Price:  $75 per curriculum kit


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