Al’s Caring Pals: A Social Skills Toolkit for Home Child Care Providers

Al’s Caring Pals provides training and materials for family child care providers to build the social-emotional skills of children ages 3-8 years who are in their care. Educational sessions for family child care providers are conducted by local facilitators who have completed Wingspan’s training. These lively, informative sessions help strengthen the providers’ abilities to:

  • listen to children
  • show caring and provide emotional support
  • encourage appropriate expression of feelings
  • help children calm down and manage strong feelings
  • guide children in peaceful problem-solving
  • involve children in meaningful ways
  • foster children’s creativity
  • give clear messages regarding safe and healthy behaviors

In addition to providing practical strategies that enrich the child care environment, the interactive sessions cultivate a sense of community and support for the participants.
Each family child care home receives an Al’s Caring Pals materials kit with a flip-card activity book, music CD and songbook, calm down and problem-solving posters, and photo. The flip-card book contains activities and straightforward strategies that help children practice and acquire prosocial skills. Letters to parents are sent home to inform them about what their children are learning and offer at-home activities to reinforce skills.

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To learn more about Al’s Caring Pals: A Social Skills Toolkit for Home Child Care Providers, visit or call 804-967-9002.