Wingspan’s Bullying Prevention Training for Early Childhood Educators

Understanding and Preventing

 Bullying in Young Children

 Training for Early Childhood Educators

This three-hour interactive training expands early childhood educators’ understanding of bullying behavior in young children.  Participants learn how they can intervene when bullying occurs and what they can do to prevent bullying.  The workshop addresses these questions:

  •   What is bullying and why do some children bully others?
  •  What does bullying behavior look like in young children and why should educators be concerned?
  •  How is bullying different from aggression typically seen in young children?
  •  How can adults curb aggressive and bullying behavior demonstrated by young children?
  •  What strategies help prevent bullying behavior and promote more positive social interactions?
  •  What are effective ways to build empathy in young children?

Training is available in two formats: 

  •  Face-to-Face Three-hour Training

Provided on-site to accommodate your local needs and schedule

For groups up to 30 people

  •  Live Online Training (Offered as a three-hour session or two 90-minute sessions)

 Each participant needs to be at their own computer with stable internet access

 Private Group Training

Accommodates your school’s or organization’s schedule

Standard group – 20 people, small group – 12 people

Open Enrollment Training

Schools and organizations can register individual participants for training scheduled by Wingspan.

For more information contact Wingspan at (804) 967-9002


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